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Kindergarten Curriculum 2017-18
Kindergarten Word Wall Word/Sight Word List

Your child should be able to read all of these words each week. Click on the attachment below to find a copy of the list of word wall words we've had so far this year.

Letter Recognition/Sound Recognition ...
Ways to Help Your Child at Home:
*  What is the first sound you hear in bat?  What letter makes that sound?
*  What is the last sound you hear in bat?  What letter makes that sound?
*  Given a series of letters, have your child find the missing letter.  Examples:  A, B, __   or  L, __, N   or  __, Y, Z
*  Tell me all the sounds you hear in the word bat.
/b/ /a/ /t/   
*  Tell me all the sounds you hear in the words with blends.  stop  /s/ /t/ /o/ /p/   grill  /g/ /r/ /i/ /l/

Ball Word Lists

This is a program to make the learning of sight words more fun. It allows children to work at their own pace beginning with the ABC's.  After completion, children should be able to read 220 words by sight.  Knowing these words will help with your child's reading fluency which can also impact comprehension.  Please help your children master these word lists so they can earn prizes and get their names on our "Wall of Fame"!  Each word list can be found in the attachments below.

Student of the Day

When your child is the student of the day, he/she will have the opportunity to bring a show and tell item to school.  I will send home a paper when it is your child's turn to be the student of the day. Below find a link to this paper.
As we discuss each child's name this first round, we will also discuss the number of letters, vowels, consonants, uppercase (capital) letters, and lowercase letters, tall letters, short letters, and letters with a tail.

Reading Extras

Ways to help your child at home:
*  Have your child identify the front cover, the back cover, the spine of the book, and the title.

*  Have your child find the sight words that he/she knows on each page.  Have them count the words in a sentence. Also count the number of letters in a word.  Ask questions like; Which letter is first?  Which letter is last?

*  Have your child track (points to each word) as he/she reads.

*  What do good readers do to figure out new words?  (They look at the picture and they look at the first letter in the word)

*  When reading, ask your child to name the character(s) in the story.  Remind them that characters are people or animals.

*  Ask your child about the setting of the story. Where did the story happen? When did the story happen?

*  What does an author do?  What does an illustrator do?

*  When looking at a book, ask your child to identify letters and words that we are discussing in class.

*  Ask your child to retell the story using details and knowing what happened at the beginning, the middle, and the end.

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