Dismissal and Drop-Off Procedure

In a continuing effort to ensure the safety of all children, staff, and visitors of Emerson Elementary, as well as expedite the process as efficiently as possible, we want to inform you of the dismissal procedures.

Buses: Children riding home on the bus will be dismissed at 3:15. They will exit the building by the office. They will proceed to board their bus in the bus lot. Children riding a later bus (Girls’ Inc. and Boys & Girls Club) will wait in the cafeteria until time to board.

We will begin dismissing car riders at 3:20. Cars should begin lining up by single file at the stop sign located at the corner of 5th street and Emerson Drive (behind the barricade). They should remain in a single file down the westbound parking lane along 5th Street (pointing towards Community Drive). Any excess vehicles should remain in a single file down the southbound lane of Elm Street (pointing towards 5th Street). Once the last bus has been loaded, the cars will be allowed to begin filing into the parking lot in front of the school office. This allows the children to enter the car on the passenger side. Please remain in line and proceed with the traffic flow. We ask that you do not attempt to pass other cars. The children will be released from the west exit of the building. Once the children are safely loaded, please proceed to the parking lot exit (Emerson Street). If your child/children are not in the dismissal area and you must wait for them, please pull forward under the direction of the school personnel. Any child not picked up by 3:40 will report to the front office area to wait for their ride.

Walkers will be dismissed following bus and car dismissal (approximately 3:25-3:30). This will allow time for all buses and cars to leave the premises before children begin to exit the building. Walkers will be supervised in the cafeteria until their release. Once dismissed, they may disperse in the necessary direction for their safe travel home.

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